We at Novus believe in providing innovative ‘in-clinic solutions’ for those clinics wishing to expand their business.   We achieve this by hand picking partners who are renowed for manufacturing the highest quality medical devices.  Coupled with in-excess of 20 years experience,  we can help grow your business through our understanding of what makes a clinic successful.

You can join the growing number of UK clinics who have chosen Novus as their partner to supply cutting edge technology underpinned by our extensive product knowledge and comprehensive training.

We offer a complete business solution, from business case support through to bespoke financial packages – whether you are considering setting up a new clinic or if you are planning to grow your business further. 

We have financial packages that can be tailored to your particular needs.

Asclepion Lasers GmBh was founded by Carl Zeiss family of businesses in 1960, it quickly became the research and development hub for medical lasers and has developed class leading medical and aesthetic devices ever since.


With brands such as MeDioStar Next, QuadroStar Pro and Tattoo Star Combo they lead the way in high quality laser manufacturing with design at the core.

Used within the NHS and other UK healthcare providers daily the quality and reliability of Asclepion devices is unrivalled.

A family run business that has grown domestically to become one of the largest manufacturers of lasers and aesthetic equipment in South Korea.

Renown for the Pastelle Q Switched Nd:YAG for removing tattoos, pigmentation and rejuvenation WonTech have been manufacturing Q Switched lasers for over 16 years.

The UltraSkin II has become a household name for HIFU and continues to become more widely available in the UK today.

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