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Say yes to laser hair removal

Undergoing laser hair removal treatment this summer

The summer months are here at last, but if you’re not feeling confident about your legs perhaps

investing in laser hair removal treatment could provide the key to a happier you.

There’s a reason why laser hair removal treatment remains the most popular way to de-fuzz the face and body in the UK, and indeed the world! Unlike hair reduction treatments which offer limited results, such as electrolysis and at-home IPL kits, and short term solutions to unwanted body and facial hair – like shaving, waxing and creams – laser hair removal treatment is reliable and long-lasting.

Despite once being considered an expensive and relatively painful form of permanent hair reduction

treatment, removing hair with laser treatments is now an affordable and pain-free cosmetic solution, thanks to devices available from Novus Medical.

Based on innovative German technology, the laser hair removal treatment devices from Asclepion are available in beauty salons and aesthetic clinics all over the country in cities such as London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Brighton.

Offering the latest technology and safety features, the portfolio of energy-assisted hair reduction devices from Asclepion mean there is a treatment suitable for everyone – men and women alike.

Whether you are keen to remove unwanted back hair or fine hairs from the face or hands, the Asclepion laser hair removal treatments are fast-acting and reliable.

For example, did you know the MeDioStar NeXT XL can treat an entire man’s back in as little as 4 minutes? Compared to older forms of laser hair removal this is a massive step for aesthetics, and means the country is more eager than ever to try this revolutionary treatment!

And it’s not just for the body. Ladies who find themselves distressed with facial hair can also seek laser hair removal treatment with Asclepion devices. For women with embarrassing excess facial hair, or even unwanted hair on the hands, fingers and toes, there are laser hair removal treatments available which are both effective and offer long-term results.

Building your confidence and enjoying a fuzz-free appearance has truly never been easier, and with the summer month now here there couldn’t be a better time to start your journey. Say goodbye to shaving, and walk away from waxing for good!

Unlike older forms of energy-assisted hair reduction, and at-home IPL kits which simply do not have the power to be truly effective, the treatments available under the Asclepion portfolio are comfortable and fast. Not only will each treatment session be quick and fit in with your daily life or work schedule, you’ll feel no discomfort.


- Painless hair removal treatment

- Quick treatment sessions

- Suitable for face, body and hands

- Available for both men and women

- Nearly all hair types suitable

- Long lasting results

Find out more today!

To find out more about what Asclepion laser hair removal treatments can offer you, find your nearest clinic or salon. All providers have been extensively trained by the Novus Medical team, so you can be sure you’re in safe and experienced hands.

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