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Quick tattoo removal made simple

Consider tattoo removal at a clinic near you.

If you’re unhappy with a piece of body art you no longer feel represents you or your identity you may be considering tattoo removal treatment.

Recent figures showed that 1 in 10 people with tattoos regret going under the needle, with most wishing they could remove the ink. Previously Q switched Nd:YAG lasers have been recommended although these have often left patients with green and blue ink left, albeit faded. However, it’s no longer necessary to accept poor results as ‘expected’ in the time of Q-Switched Ruby laser. Class leading in the removal of blue and green ink, as well as reds and yellows, the Ruby laser has now been combined with a 1064nm and 532nm laser to offer a combination tattoo removal treatment that offers ground breaking results.

Who is tattoo removal treatment suitable for?

- Men and women can undergo tattoo removal treatment

- You must be an adult (18+) to undergo tattoo removal treatment

- Small and large tattoos can be treated

- The face and body can be treated

- All colours can be treated as long as the right device is chosen

Tattoo removal is an ever increasingly popular form of aesthetic treatment, as both male and female patients decide their body art is no longer something they’re proud of. Of course, when you undergo tattoos you are always made aware that the inkings are long term, but there are now treatments available that can be used to remove unwanted tattoos from the face or body.

Quick tattoo removal has, in the past, been quite a painful and often unhelpful treatment. Before technology improved, devices offered limited results, often damaging and scaring the skin beyond repair. Thankfully, thanks to advanced devices from Asclepion, practitioners are now able to offer in clinic help to patients looking to remove their tattoos effectively and quickly.

Tattoo removal using energy-assisted devices is available at cosmetic clinics across the UK, and the key is finding an aesthetician with the skill and technology to help remove your tattoo efficiently and safely.

Undergoing quick tattoo removal is not always a simple process, but it can provide life changing results with the right device. If you no longer feel your body art is something you wish to have on show, and you hope to undergo treatment to remove a tattoo on the face or body, non-surgical tattoo removal is the perfect option for you.

Choosing quick tattoo removal

The Tattoo Star Combo has two laser within one device.

Book a consultation with your closest practitioner and find out what tattoo removal treatment may offer you.

Say goodbye to unwanted body art and rejuvenate your self esteem as well as your skin.

You can find more information on our device pages.

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