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Benefits of undergoing laser hair removal

Laser hair removal provides a long term solution to unwanted hair

When it comes to female grooming, one of the most requested forms of beauty treatment in UK salon and clinics is laser hair removal. Reliable and affordable, clients across the country are delighted by the results of this aesthetic treatment, noting its outstanding results which some even describe as life changing.

With newer devices now available in salons and clinics, such as the MeDioStar NeXT PRO, laser hair removal is now faster and more reliable than ever. So what are the benefits of undergoing an energy-assisted form of hair reduction, and why is it proving more popular than other forms of hair


Laser hair removal is effective

There’s no doubt that laser hair removal is popular with men and women alike, but it’s the effectiveness of the devices such as MeDioStar NeXT XL which continue to delight clients of all ages and genders. Unlike at-home hair removal treatments which are often ineffective and unreliable, laser hair removal is a tried and tested method of reducing face and body hair.

Offered in clinics and salons all over the country, in cities such as Birmingham, London, Manchester, Brighton and Liverpool, laser hair removal treatments produce excellent results – whether the unwanted hair is found on the upper lip, arm pits, legs, back, abdomen or chest, there are hair removal systems supplied by Novus Medical which are suitable for laser treatment.

Here are three reasons to invest your trust in to laser hair removal:

Unlike electrolysis, laser hair removal is pain-free some hair reduction treatments can be uncomfortable, but laser hair removal is noted as being one of the least painful methods of removing facial hair or body hair. Unlike painful and time consuming electrolysis sessions, or regular agonising trips to the beauty salon for waxing treatments, laser hair removal with Asclepion devices is straight forward and speedy, making it a much more comfortable treatment than many others available.

Due to the unique cooling systems which elevate Asclepion devices to the next level, the skin remains unharmed and there’s no painful post-wax recovery time or ingrowing hairs as a result of at-home hair removal methods, such as shaving. Laser hair removal offers long term results

Unlike hair reduction methods such as waxing or at-home hair removal creams, laser hair removal offers long-term results. Once a course of treatments has been completed, clients will benefit from fuzz-free skin, and these enduring results are just one of the many reasons so many men and women have invested in energy-assisted hair reduction treatment such as laser hair removal over the years.

With the advancement in technology, and Asclepion devices becoming more accessible through beauty salons and cosmetic clinics across the UK, the popularity and satisfaction rates of those undertaking the treatment continue to rise. Large areas can be treated

Unlike older systems, the MeDioStar range of laser hair removal devices can treat larger areas in less time – unsurprisingly this is making them a highly sought after form of hair removal treatment.

Clients who may previously have found laser hair removal treatment for the back or legs to be an extensive and long winded form of hair reduction will delight in the super quick treatment times of the MeDioStar range from Asclepion, most notably using the NeXT PRO XL.

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